Software Testing Services

Nucleus Group will test your software for you and check if it’s working as it should

Software testing services by Nucleus GroupJust like with any product you want to place on the market and sell to your customers, you want to make sure your software is working properly, without any errors and faults. Any software you make or get custom-made needs to fulfill the following requirements:

Your software can be installed and run properly in the intended environment;
It needs to respond correctly to all inputs;
The software needs to perform in an acceptable period of time;
It should achieve desired results.

In order to test if your product meets these requirements, proper software testing needs to be done.

Software testing can prevent any damage to your company

Software testing includes the process of executing a program or an app with the goal of finding software bugs and faults and verifying that it is fit for use. This is the only way you can ensure that what you’ve created does exactly what it’s supposed to.
You can only be sure your software is working properly by testing it on a regular basis or at strategic points in time. This knowledge will help you ensure the continuity of your services and thereby prevent any loss of revenue or reputational damage to your company.

What is automated testing?

In automated testing, a special program will run through your software and report any bugs. Automated testing enables you to test continually. That way you’re always aware of your system status. This is particularly useful if your business continuity or reputation depends on your software, or if it is linked to software provided by other parties.

What is manual testing?

Manual testing is a basic type of testing which helps to find bugs in software undergoing testing. Unlike automated testing, in manual testing testers execute test cases without using any automation tools. This is preliminary testing that must be carried out before automating test cases because one of its goals is to check the feasibility of automated testing.

Manual or automated testing?

Are you looking for a snapshot or permanent monitoring? Both options have their pros and cons. That is why we will discuss your situation and the user value of the application you want to test before we get started. Based on these, we will advise you on the best approach.

What is hands-on testing?

In hands-on testing, our testers will manually run through your software on various devices, resolutions and operating systems. They will uncover any unexpected user issues so that these can be solved. Hands-on testing offers a snapshot and is therefore most suitable for testing newly completed, updated or modified software.